Festival Park Reimagined

Festival Park is the heart of Downtown Castle Rock and is home to some of the community’s most treasured events. Soon, this central gathering space will be transformed into a vibrant urban center. This project was planned through a collaborative effort of residents, the Downtown Development Authority, Downtown Merchants Association and the Town.

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 a construction contract between the Town and M.A. Mortenson Company was approved by Town Council to redevelop Festival Park. The goals are to enhance the park, boost the success of the adjacent Downtown business district and create an active public gathering space for both work and relaxation.

Throughout the planning process, the Town solicited input from the public to help re-image the park. The $6.9 million-park-improvement project will include amenities such as a landing pavilion, splash pad, two fire-pits, an open lawn, a creek-side picnic area, market plaza, bridge connections to Town Hall parking, improved lighting and seating, an overlook walkway with an iconic lantern feature and a water-play area in Sellars Gulch. In addition to the amenities, stormwater improvements along Sellars Gulch will be implemented to align with national flood plain regulations and provide public access to the creek. 

It’s also important to note, the park’s redesign will include a permanent partial closure of Second Street. Traffic will only be permitted to enter Second Street one-way from Perry Street and will be required to exit through the alley north. This will allow for both a pedestrian walkway and market plaza to be incorporated into the park.

Construction is set to begin early 2017 and is planned to be completed by Starlighting. 

View the park plan!


The Festival Park redesign project has multiple funding sources including the Conservation Trust Fund, the Parks and Recreation Capital Fund, the Town's unobligated General Fund, the Town's Stormwater Account and the Downtown Development Authority's TIF (tax increment financing).

 Funding Sources  
Town of Castle Rock $2.9 million
Downtown Development Authority $4 million
Total $6.9
Contract Award M.A. Mortenson Company


  • Planning for the redesign of the park was a vision some time ago. In 2008, Downtown businesses voted to increase their property taxes to help pay for Downtown improvement projects through a TIF fund.  
  • Council approved the final design concept and funding as part of the 2016 budget.
  • Public engagement process took place to get resident feedback. Check out the results from the public engagement process.
  • Design Workshop – the landscape design consultant for the project – led a team of highly-qualified architects and engineers to develop construction drawings suitable for the contractor-bidding process.
  • Town Council approved a construction contract with M.A. Mortenson Company. 
  • Construction is set to begin and is planned to be completed within roughly one year. 

​Anticipated Closures / Parking Suggestions

  • Permanent partial closure of Second Street
  • The right turn lane onto Second Street when heading north on Wilcox will also be removed. 
  • Only five parking spots will remain on Second Street after construction begins. View the ample public parking that will remain available.
  • Sellars Gulch Trail will be temporarily closed to accommodate construction beginning Feb. 9, 2017 (detour will be necessary). The closed portion of the trail is between Wilcox and Perry streets. The Sellars Gulch detour is approximately a half mile in length and takes you to street level by the police station, around Town Hall and down along the ADA access ramp near Blue Nectar restaurant. The detour is expected to be in effect through November 2017. 

Current Project Status

  1. Construction update - Friday, June 9
    Festival Park is booming with activity as crews take advantage of the beautiful weather! On the south side of Sellars Gulch, the boulder retaining wall is complete - the sidewalk is nearly complete. Seeding and erosion control blankets have been added along the shores of the gulch to allow for revegetation.

    In the center of the park, crews have placed concrete for a portion of the large concrete wall support. Crews are continuing to dig the remaining portion of this wall. Once complete, this wall will provide separation between the open lawn and the gulch. 

    Coming up next
    Rock work will continue on the south side of the gulch for approximately another two weeks. Additionally, crews will continue their work on the large wall in the middle of the site. More segments will be dug so additional concrete support can be placed. Once the concrete support is placed, the actual wall itself will be constructed.

    In the next couple of weeks, utility crews will begin installing sewer, water and storm lines that will service various amenities at the park.

    At the corner of Second and Perry streets the steel for the Landing Structure will begin to be set in the upcoming month. This will help to define what the structure will look like once complete.