Keepers of the Rock

Maintaining our Town's namesake

Keepers of the Rock is an all-volunteer group that adopted the Town’s namesake Rock Park on July 12, 2004, in hopes of making significant improvements to the area.

These volunteers are in-tune with Rock Park’s environment and are committed to sustaining the park for the enjoyment of the people who use it. The group conducts monthly restoration outings from April through November in partnership with the Town’s Teen Court program, as part of the POST Partners program. 

This partnership and the volunteer efforts at Rock Park were featured in the 
Summer 2016 issue of American Trails Magazine

With these joint efforts, Keepers has been able to accomplish the following:

  • Trail resurfacing, stabilization and tread repair
  • Wildland protection: ongoing social trail closures and reclamation
  • Catch basin and rock dam maintenance for erosion control
  • Corridor vegetation clearing
  • Brush fence repair
  • Retaining wall construction and repair
  • Timber step installation and repair
  • Knapweed abatement and control
  • Trash collection
  • Willow removal
  • More than 10,540 hours of volunteer time over the last 10 years
  • 619 Teen Court youth have served the community at Rock Park since the inception of the Keepers of the Rock / Teen Court partnership.

Keepers leader honored

Denver's 7 News honored Keepers leader Dennis Carnahan as one of its Everyday Heroes! Learn more about how Dennis and the team help preserve The Rock.

Crew leaders needed!

Keepers needs the assistance of new regular volunteers to continue its mission. Formal training is not necessary. Volunteers simply need to be hard workers who are comfortable leading a team of approximately seven people. Outings are generally the first Saturday of each month from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. If interested, email the group's leader or call 720-733-9624.

Thanks to our 2018 volunteer Crew Leaders 

  • Dennis Carnahan (project manager)
  • John Lipe
  • Carl Pansini