Trail Maintenance Groups

The POST Partners volunteer program helps organize and oversee two trail maintenance groups in Town, the Ridgeline Wranglers and the Rhyolite Dirt Crew.

Ridgeline Wranglers

Ridgeline Wranglers is a group of volunteers who help maintain and improve Stewart Trail at Ridgeline Open Space. The group has approximately 30 active members with three trained crew leaders. The crew leaders have completed background checks, so they are cleared through the Town to work with children. Town staff members lead maintenance outings.

Work on the trail includes:

  • De-rutting the trail
  • Eliminating berms
  • Clearing scrub oak and other brush that may encroach on the trail 
  • Noxious weed elimination
  • Implementing trail improvements

The group meets one Saturday a month at the Ridgeline Open Space trailhead off of Coachline Road.

Season kickoff meeting

Tuesday, March 28, 7-8 p.m.
The Grange in the Meadows
3962 Meadows Blvd.

Additional information can be found at the Wranglers' Facebook group
Ridgeline Wranglers Volunteer Waiver Form
Ridgeline Wranglers receive POST Partners T-shirts and / or water bottles as well as an end-of-season party, with raffle prizes and food. Participants interested in becoming crew leaders will receive free training. 

Special thanks to our 2015 Ridgeline Wranglers

  • Ace Walters
  • Adrian Horner
  • Andrew Becker
  • Andy Starker
  • Austin Cockell
  • Bob Wagner
  • Brian Zaun
  • Connor Crowley
  • David Crabb
  • David Jones
  • Greg Schiller
  • Jenna Linenberg
  • Jon Landes
  • Joshua Ward
  • Kyle Sipes
  • Mark Neel
  • Michael Linde
  • Mitch Kline
  • Paul Linenberg
  • Rich Berry
  • Rob Davis
  • Ryan Klotz
  • Ryan Osborne
  • Scott Markey
  • Sean DeVaney
  • Thomas Herren
  • Tom Owens
  • Vivian Markey
Rhyolite Dirt Crew
Started in 2010, the Rhyolite Dirt Crew helps maintain and improve the bike park at Rhyolite Regional Park. This group has 50 members and four trained crew leaders. Castle Rock Bike & Ski adopts the bike park and helps organize outings and volunteers. The Dirt Crew meets the third Saturday of every month for their Dig & Ride Days. Additional information can be found on the Facebook group for the Dirt Crew.

In 2012, improvements were made to the bike park berms and jump line with machine work by Progressive Trail Designs and follow-up hand work by the Rhyolite Dirt Crew. A new mulch practice jump was also added at the base, along with a return. In addition, a new two-mile permanent cyclocross course was established in fall 2012 and is now open for weekly practice.

In May 2013, a new session zone with a beginner, intermediate and advanced line was constructed by Progressive Trail Design and the Rhyolite Dirt Crew. 

Season kickoff meeting

Wednesday, April 5, 7-8 p.m.
Philip S. Miller Library
100 S. Wilcox St.

Special thanks to our 2015 Rhyolite Dirt Crew

  • AJ Deets
  • Bo Kristensen
  • Corey and son
  • Davis Oldani
  • Drew Warner
  • Dylan Warner
  • Heidi Deets
  • Jason James
  • Jason Sickle
  • Jeff MacKinnon
  • Jenny Sickle
  • Jerry Edwards
  • Justin Braswell
  • Kalvin Winder
  • Keith Edwards
  • Keven Winder
  • Mark Neel
  • Rita
  • Scott Ross
  • Scott Verberkmoes
  • Zach Vacura