Fair Campaign Practices Act

Fair Campaign Practices

Believing that integrity and openness in the political process promotes confidence in government, protects the electoral process and earns citizens' trust, all reports and filings are a matter of public record.

Candidate committees

Prior to a candidate accepting any contributions or making any expenditures other than their own personal funds, they must first register as a committee. Formation of a committee requires a separate bank account to be established in the name of the committee.

Report of contributions and expenditures

Candidate committees and candidates without committees must file reports of contributions and expenditures based on the election schedule
  • Reporting is required even if no contributions were received or no expenditures were made
  • All reporting is a matter of public record
  • Reporting includes all contributions 
  1. Contributions in kind (personal services, office space, or any gift or loan of real or personal property other than money for which no compensation is paid)
  2. Loans (Any advance of money made by a candidate to their own candidate committee)

Reports are required to be filed by the election calendar deadline by 5 p.m. Original documentation is required to be submitted to the Town Clerk. 

Any remaining funds after the election may be designated as a contribution to a qualified charity or returned to the contributors.

When the candidate committee no longer intends to receive contributions or make expenditures and has a zero balance with no outstanding obligations, a final termination report is to be filed.