Door-to-Door Solicitation

Solicitor registration

All businesses interested in soliciting door-to-door in Castle Rock must apply for a Solicitor Registration License, per ordinance.

A solicitor is any person attempting to make contact with a homeowner with the purpose of selling goods or services at the point of contact, whether or not the goods or services are actually delivered at the time of sale.

Municipal Code No. 5.04 (*) prohibits solicitors from knocking on a door if:

  • The Town of Castle Rock 'No Knock' sticker is displayed
  • Any posted 'No Soliciting' sign
  • The address is registered on the 'No Knock' list whether they have a sticker or not

(*) No curfew is currently in effect due to pending litigation 

Solicitors should review the No Knock List daily. Resident addresses are submitted constantly and this list is ever evolving. 


Solicitor applications may be completed and submitted to the Finance department at
Town Hall
100 N Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Additional items required

In addition to the completed application the following items are required to begin processing the application.

  • Two passport photos (2 by 2 inches) for the solicitor ID badge
  • Cash or check for $35 payable to the Town of Castle Rock (credit card payments are not accepted)
  • Copy of your Driver's License or State ID for the purpose of the background check
  • Proof of a current Castle Rock Business & Tax License or Contractor Registration
Please note: The $35 application fee is non-refundable if licensing is denied, or once issued, is suspended or revoked. Please allow three business days for your application to be processed.