Community Surveys

Results show Castle Rock is a great place to be
Since 2011, the Town has commissioned a resident and business survey in each odd-numbered year. In 2015, the survey indicates Castle Rock is a place where the grass is greener. 

More than 700 residents responded to the survey, after being randomly selected to participate by the Town's research firm, Northwest Research Group. Town-licensed businesses were also surveyed as part of this process.

​Follow-up focus group

As a follow-up to the 2015 community survey, the Town launched an online focus group to provoke in-depth responses regarding the topics of growth; transportation; parks, recreation and special events; and communications. Those conversations occurred from October 2015 to February 2016. Read the report provided to Town Council regarding that process.

Key findings from the 2015 community survey: 

• The Town overall received a very strong 4-Star rating, barely missing a 4.5-Star rating, in Northwest’s 5-Star Rating system

• The survey covered 46 satisfaction measures, and 45 of those received an above-average rating (3 or higher on a 5-point scale); 
   28 of the measures could be compared to the Town’s 2013 survey, and 13 of those showed improvements (one decreased, and 
   the remainder maintained similar satisfaction levels)

• Nine out of 10 residents said the quality of Town services exceeds their expectations, and eight of 10 believe they’re getting 
   their money’s worth for their tax dollars

• Residents affirmed that the Town’s strategic priorities are leading the community in the right direction and also indicated support 
   for special events occurring in Town

Along with the positive results, there are some areas that the survey indicates that Town Council and the community should examine:

• Residents view growth and traffic as the most important issues facing the Town. Town Council acknowledged these challenges and
   will consider residents’ feedback in these areas when making decisions on the community’s behalf.

• Another take-away was that the Town could do more to seek residents’ involvement and input. Toward that end, a follow-up to the 
   survey is being explored, which would ask respondents to continue providing feedback online through the end of the year so that
   Town Council has additional information to consider.


View the video presentation to Council.
Read the full report.


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Past surveys
The more than 1,300 responses received to the Town's 2013 community survey demonstrate that Castle Rock continues to be a great place to live. View final report for that survey.

Full results of the 2011 community survey are also available.