Business or Commercial Building

Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus – Phase I, 2350 Meadows Blvd.
The awards team cited the building’s “unique and powerful” architecture, along with its respect of the Town’s history, heritage and design guidelines.

Environmental/Site Features

Bison Park, 1390 Clear Sky Way
The park's design respected water conservation practices and the natural topography and aesthetic values of the area. Two bison play sculptures help make the park unique and enjoyable.

Historic Preservation

Hammar House, 203 Cantril St.
Owner Lionel Oberlin was recognized for preserving one of the first homes in Castle Rock built of rhyolite. The project provides an outstanding example of renovation consistent with the original design, character and scale of a significant historical home.

Public Facility/Community Project

Fire Station 151, 300 N. Perry St.
The building helps residents feel comfortable and confident in Town fire safety programs. Construction of the fire station on an old parking lot in the Downtown core was critical to restoring the health and vitality of that area and set an example for the architecture that has been duplicated within the surrounding blocks.

Remodel (commercial or residential)

Home at 404 N. Gilbert St.
Old and new construction techniques were used to expand and enhance the home, originally constructed in 1949. The house provides a unique and pleasing face to Gilbert Street.

Sense of Place/Community Character

Downtown Projects (Facade Grant Program, ADA ramps, crosswalks, overhead lighting, banners, and flower boxes)
The Downtown Development Authority completed the improvements, which were critical to restoring Downtown's health and vitality, in coordination with Town staff. The improvements also enhance Downtown's social aspects and attract visitors.
Hospital Ph.1
Bison Park
404 N. Gilbert St.