Colorado Bluebird Project

Improving bluebird populations

The Colorado Bluebird Project operates under the guidance of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and is offered through POST Partners in Castle Rock. This volunteer-run project aims to improve the vitality of bluebird populations throughout Colorado and to inform and educate the public about bluebirds. For more information, see the project overview sheet.

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to assist with monitoring of the nest boxes from April through August. Volunteers are also needed to assist with nest box construction. To apply for the program, complete the individual volunteer application and volunteer waiver and indemnification form, and then submit it to the POST Partners volunteer coordinator by email.

Educational Presentations

‚ÄčNatural Resource Special, Barbara Spagnuolo, conducts two education presentations to prepare residents for the start of the Colorado Bluebird Project season. Volunteers are needed for weekly monitoring of nest boxes and breeding activity from April through August. Learn about the program and how you can help bluebirds in Castle Rock or in your own backyard at the open house with comprehensive monitoring training offered separately.

2017 Season Information

Are you interested in learning more about the Colorado Bluebird Project or volunteering to be a nest-box monitor this year? Attend either our open house or nest-box monitor training. Or, if those dates don't work, feel free to fill out a volunteer interest form and let us know which nest-box site you'd like to monitor.

Open House:
Thursday, Feb. 23, 7-8 p.m. The Millhouse at Philip S. Miller Park
1381 W. Plum Creek Parkway

Monitor Training:
Wednesday, March 1, 7-8:30 p.m.
Public Safety Training Facility
1335 Park St.

Colorado Bluebird Project Volunteer Training Manual.
We encourage those installing nest boxes in their own yards to follow these guidelines.

Locations of bluebird nest boxes in Castle Rock

Bluebird boxes are located throughout Castle Rock on various public parks, trails, open space and school properties. View a map of all the locations.
  • Bison Park
  • Butterfield Crossing Park
  • Castle Rock Elementary
  • Cedar Hill Cemetery
  • Crystal Valley Ranch (at Sellars Gulch)
  • Douglas County High School
  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Flagstone Elementary future park site
  • Flagstone Elementary School
  • Gateway Mesa interior
  • Gateway Mesa Open Space
  • Gemstone Park
  • Matney Park
  • Memmen Ridge Open Space
  • Mesa Middle School
  • Mitchell Gulch Park
  • Native Legend Trail (two sites)
  • Philip S. Miller Park
  • Plum Creek Park
  • Quarry Mesa Open Space
  • Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course (two sites)
  • Renaissance Magnet School
  • Rhyolite Regional Park
  • Sage Canyon Elem. School Open Space
  • Stewart Trail at Ridgeline Open Space
  • Woodlands Bowl Open Space
Additional educational opportunities
The Town's natural resource specialist is available for educational presentations to schools, scout troops, volunteer groups and community organizations.

Thanks to these 2015 Colorado Bluebird Project volunteers. These more than 70 volunteers contributed 459 hours to help with the program and increase our Bluebird and Tree Swallow populations in Castle Rock. If you were unable to attend our season-end recap, view some of the highlights from this year's program.
  • Alex and Dawn Cromwell
  • Alyson Plummer
  • Andrew Christensen
  • Angela Stowell
  • Art Morales
  • Barbara Eckert
  • Bethesda Lutheran Community
  • Bill Baird
  • Bob and Rose Legge
  • Bonnie Buchold
  • Brian and Pam Brockhaus
  • Cari Hinton
  • Carla Turner
  • Castle Rock Elementary School
  • Charissa and Cindy Malone
  • Christy and Ian Fletcher
  • Clear Sky Elementray School Green Team
  • David Crabb
  • David Gillard
  • Dean Bennett
  • Diane and Katie McKinna
  • Doug and Sue Keirnes
  • Ethan Nelson
  • Flagstone Elementary fifth grade students
  • Frank Burcham
  • Hayden Peschl
  • Hayes family
  • Heather Attardo
  • Heather Carlson and family
  • Helga Meyer
  • Jana Schmitz
  • Javier Enriquez and sons
  • Jean Kaldenberg and Connor Matelli
  • Jenessa Guevara
  • Jennifer Curran
  • Jennifer Jensen
  • Jenny Lyon
  • Jody and Kase Murphy
  • Jon and Marylin Greeneisen
  • Judy and Terry Hostetler
  • Kathy O'Donnell
  • Kim Jones and family
  • Kimber, Brooke and Paige Morgan
  • Kurt Krueger and Hayden Peschl
  • Laurel Johnson
  • Leslie Spencer
  • Lisa Graznak
  • Lisa McNeill 
  • Lisa Zegers 
  • Lon Cohen and family
  • Mary Jo Madsen
  • Marybeth Caudle-Brooks
  • Mesa Middle School Atlas Bear Team
  • Pam Caruso
  • Patty Kraus
  • Paul and Elizabeth Inman
  • Peggy Corbetta
  • Renaissance Elementary Magnet School
  • Renee Grahn
  • Rick Decker
  • Robin Bartlett
  • Royce Beatty
  • Sean Curtis
  • Stephanie Hung
  • Tammy Heck and family
  • Tanya Engel
  • Tim Miller
  • Ursula Rogers
  • Wojtkewicz family