Open Space and Trails

Beautiful parks, well-planned trails and abundant open space are a few of the things that make Castle Rock a great place to call home. The Parks, Open Space and Trails Division makes it a priority that residents be able to explore the great outdoors right from their own backyard. So, take a hike with the kids, enjoy the great outdoors or sneak a peak at local wildlife.

Open space and trails

Most residents would agree, Castle Rock has some of the most beautiful trails and open space in Colorado. With 95 miles of trails and just under 6,000 acres of open space that define the region’s most prominent features, you never know what kind of adventure will be waiting for you.

Download a map, and get out there and enjoy it. Visit our trail conditions page and view our interactive trail condition map.


The Town of Castle Rock embraces conservation throughout parks, trails and open space. Currently, roughly 30% of the Town is designated open space. The Town demonstrates a commitment to appropriate land use planning and resource conservation through various programming, projects and outings.  

  1. Summer Trails Exploration Program
  2. Wild in our Town
  3. Preble's Habitat Conservation
  4. Beaver Paint

Summer Trails Exploration Program

In demonstrating the Town’s commitment to health and wellness, and to promote use of the Town’s scenic trails, we invited everyone to get outdoors during the summer and explore with the Summer Trails Exploration Program, or STEP. STEP was recognized by the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association as the most innovative program in Colorado in 2015, winning the Columbine Award for Programming.