Boards and Commissions

Your Town needs you!

The Town of Castle Rock offers interested residents the opportunity to become involved in their local government by volunteering to serve on one of 11 boards and commissions. 


The purpose of the boards and commissions is to:

  • Acquire and study information within the boards' area of expertise
  • Provide direction and recommendations to staff and Town Council
  • Obtain public comment and be reflective of the community's voice


Each year in April, the Town begins recruiting applicants for upcoming vacancies. Applications are accepted and candidates are interviewed by a team consisting of the Council liaison, Town staff members and a current member of the board or commission. Recommendations for appointments are made to Council for formal approval. Terms usually begin June 1.

  • Applicants are required to be a resident of the Town  
  • Appointees serve without compensation in an advisory role  
  • Terms of appointment are two years with a maximum of three terms


Most board and commission appointments are for two year terms with a maximum of three terms served for a total of six years. The exceptions to these term limits are the Downtown Development Authority, the Election Commission and the Historic Preservation Board. Once a citizen is termed out, they are eligible to volunteer to serve on any other board or commission immediately, however if interested in serving on the same board or commission, the citizen must wait four years before applying.

  • DDA by Statute serves four year terms with a maximum of two terms for a total of eight years
  • Election Commission by Charter serves three year terms with a maximum of two terms or a total of six years
  • Historic Preservation Board due to the unique composition and requirements of the board members serve two year terms for a total of four terms or a total of eight years 


Applications are accepted throughout the year. After the annual recruitment process closes in April, applications are retained on file for interim vacancies that may occur. If vacancies occur during the year, and the pool of applicants on file from the annual recruitment process along with applications received after this process is not sufficient to fill the interim vacancies, positions will be posted on the Town board and commission website pages as they become available.

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