Animals and Pets

Total number of pets
The municipal code defines animals as “everyone non-human species.” Chickens or fowl are not specifically mentioned, but are regulated as “animals” and are permitted in the Town.

The animal code allows a resident to keep a total of six animals. The maximum number of household pets allowed per residence in the zoning code is four (a litter of cats or dogs may be kept for a period of time not to exceed three months from birth).

If a resident chooses to maintain chickens on a single parcel within the Town, the total number must not exceed the maximum number of animals and household pets allowed within the municipal boundaries. For example, if a resident keeps one cat and two dogs (household pets), the resident would be allowed to keep up to three chickens (animals), in addition to three household pets.
Residents are also advised to contact their homeowners’ association as those covenants may be more restrictive than the municipal code and impose additional regulations.

Animal complaints

Zoning code compliance complaints can be submitted to the Town quickly and simply online using the Town’s report a concern portal.
Barking dog complaints should be directed to the non-emergency number of the Town’s Police Department at 303-663-6100.

More information

For additional information, please email the Zoning Division.