Pine Canyon Proposal

Annexation proposal

Pine Canyon spans both sides of Interstate 25, extending from the Union Pacific Railroad on the west to Founders Parkway on the east.

It is generally north of Scott Boulevard and south of Founders Parkway. It is approximately 535 acres. (Scroll down for map.)


Status and Events

  1. The annexation and zoning are currently under staff review.

    Neighborhood meetings were held April 11 and April 13.

Current Zoning

This property is currently zoned in Douglas County as Agriculture One (A1). The existing zoning on the property allows single-family residential development on lots ranging from 2 to 35 acres, places of worship up to 350 seats in the main sanctuary, public and private schools and other uses.


The applicant, Walker Family, is proposing to annex into the Town of Castle Rock and change the zoning to allow a mix of single-family and multi-family housing types, up to 1,555 dwelling units, 122 acres of open space and 63 acres of land for public uses, such as schools and parks.

Up to 136,342 square feet of commercial development is proposed along Front Street, Founders Parkway and the extension of Woodlands Boulevard. An additional 1,190,713 square feet of commercial space would be permitted between I 25 and the Union Pacific Railroad off of Liggett Road. Commercial uses could include offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Read on for detailed information and documents.
Annexation Vicinity Maps-3

What’s the process?

Annexation proposals like this one must follow a state-mandated process, defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

That process begins with Town Council determining if the annexation application meets statutory requirements and is eligible to start the annexation process. Then, public hearings can begin in order to determine if the property should be annexed to the Town.

To aid in Council’s decision-making, staff reviews the project and studies the potential impacts on Town roads, water and overall levels of service. Input is also gathered from other agencies such as Douglas County, local service providers, nearby Homeowners Associations and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The Town’s goal is to ensure every application matches the community's vision and makes technical sense. 

Once the review process is complete, the applicant must go through a series of public hearings including before Planning Commission and Town Council.      

Pine Canyon Process

Step Date Related Link
Substantial Compliance Hearing Aug. 5, 2014 Substantial Compliance Staff Report and Resolution
Eligibility Hearing Sept. 16, 2014 Eligibility Staff Report and Resolution

Documents and more information

At each stage, the applicant is required to provide numerous documents, which are detailed here. Please note, some of these will be large and may take a few moments to download. 

If you would like a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact Development Services at 303-660-1393 or by email

Applicant contact information

James Walker