The Move

One of the Town’s top five priorities is economic development, which includes bringing new jobs to Castle Rock.

Growth opportunities

Currently, office space is at a premium in Castle Rock, and some of Castle Rock’s fastest-growing companies have been actively seeking larger buildings as they create new positions. But a lack of appropriate space in Castle Rock meant some of those businesses were considering moving out of Town.

About The Move project

That’s why the Town and Castle Rock Economic Development worked together to create a new and different space in Castle Rock. This new building, called The Move, is the result of this work and means the businesses may not have to move.

The Move is a 35,000-square-foot, four-story office building on the southeast corner of Sixth and Jerry streets Downtown. It houses some of Castle Rock’s fastest-growing primary employers. That means Castle Rock will likely keep 100 high-tech jobs and could gain up to 150 more. 
The lead developer on the project was Tim White of Castle Rock-based White Construction Group.

Town’s financial involvement

The total cost of this new project is about $10 million. The Town will help make the project feasible with a $900,000 loan, which Town Council approved in April, 2014. For more information, read the Council agenda memo.

Funding for the loan will come from the Downtown sales tax increment funding that has accrued since 2012. These funds have been held in Town reserves and will be repaid. 

The Town views this as a benefit because it means Castle Rock will be able to keep high-tech jobs in Town while gaining more. In addition, the new building will provide 74 structured parking spaces for public use during evenings and weekends.