Coloring Contest

Each year the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department hosts the Annual Fire Safety Poster Contest.

Get out your markers, crayons, water colors, finger paints, pens and pencils! Get a fresh piece of paper, and show the Town of Castle Rock what you know about fire safety. Do you want to be a partner in fire safety?  Then join us in our 17th annual poster contest!  
Next year's theme will be announced at the start of the school year.

As with all contests, there are rules that need to be followed:

  • You must be a student in a Castle Rock school and attending third through the sixth grade
  • Posters must be made on a white 8 1/2" by 11" paper
  • Please DO NOT submit on lined paper unless it is part of your picture
  • Please use all of your creativity and plenty of color
  • Please complete the entry form and feel free to use the back of the entry form to draw your picture
  • Only one entry per student 

When you enter, we all win!

You have a very important message to get out to all of the residents of Castle Rock. If your entry is selected, it will be made into a decal that is placed on the side of a fire truck where it will ride throughout the entire year. These messages are seen by almost every resident and visitor of Castle Rock.

Fire Chief Art Morales will select the four posters placed on the fire trucks for the year.
Next year's contest will start in August, 2017. We hope you join us then!
For more information, contact our Fire and Life Safety Educator/Inspector by email.