Founders Parkway

Construction for a smoother drive
Founders Parkway from Interstate 25 to Woodlands Boulevard was completely reconstructed in 2015.  
This construction also converted of the westbound curb-lane into a through-lane. Currently, it is primarily a right-turn-only lane. Right turns will still be permitted from that lane. In addition, the eastbound right/through lane at Allen Way will be extended through the intersection.

Project Updates
Founders Parkway and Allen Way
The Town and CDOT have heard public concerns about this intersection and have agreed on the new design. However, those improvements will be done at a later time.

The design involves adding an additional eastbound left-turn lane, so that there will be more space for cars waiting to turn left from Founders Parkway onto Allen Way. Traffic turning left from the King Soopers side, or from the businesses north of Founders Parkway, would not be impacted, as in Alternative 1 (PDF).

Town staff supported Alternative 2a for the following reasons:
  • Access to businesses is maintained
  • The additional eastbound left-turn lane at Founders Parkway and Allen Way will not only help reduce intersection congestion, but it will also help keep waiting traffic from stacking back to the eastbound through lanes
  • Alternative 1a pushed traffic issues to nearby intersections by limiting turns out of the 2 shopping centers near Founders Parkway and Allen Way
  • No out-of-direction traffic will be required, since all of the turning movements will be maintained