Transportation Master Plan

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Visualize the future of transportation, updated master plan looks to 2040

Your Town thinks ahead. When it comes to transportation, our plan for the future is visualized in the Transportation Master Plan. 

Think beyond roads. This document outlines plans for all aspects of our transportation system over the next two decades – including bicycle routes, pedestrian links, road construction projects and more. 

The plan was last updated in 2011, and a lot has changed. Now, we’re updating the plan to look at 2040.

Give us your feedback in two ways:

There are a lot of projects already planned over the next five years. Here’s a look at some of those:

Road Improvements

  • New Roundabout at Third and Perry streets Downtown (2017)
  • Upgrades to the traffic signal system (2017)
  • Improvements at Founders Parkway and Allen Way (2018)
  • Ridge Road widening from Highway 86 to Plum Creek Parkway (2018)
  • Improvements at Crowfoot Valley Road and Founders Parkway (2018)
  • Fifth Street widening (2021)
  • Roundabout at Wolfensberger Road and Plum Creek Parkway (2018)
  • Saving for Crystal Valley Parkway Interchange
  • Saving for the widening of North Meadows Drive from The Meadows to U.S. 85


  • Extension of Mitchell Creek Trail to Ridge Road, including a neighborhood connection to Tabor Court (2016)
  • East Plum Creek Trail expansion from Perry Street 2 miles south to Crystal Valley Parkway (2017-18) 


In 2005, Castle Rock voters opted out of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and related taxes. Transit will be part of the conversation looking ahead to 2040 in addition to regional conversations with Douglas County and the Colorado Department of Transportation. 

Downtown Parking

As the Town grows, it’s also important to study parking. A separate study is underway

We want your feedback!

Now, help us think to 2040. What are we missing? To give your feedback, visit our interactive map,or submit this online form.

Submit your ideas for future transportation solutions. We’re looking for your ideas on new roads, wider roads, intersection improvements, new bike routes, new trails, new sidewalks, or transit needs.

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