Pavement Maintenance Program

Keeping streets safe with annual roadwork
Each summer, the Town budgets and plans summer road maintenance on both primary and local streets through the Pavement Maintenance Program.The goal of the program is to extend the life of Castle Rock's streets while maintaining safe roads for travelers.

Primary streets are evaluated each year, because they hold more traffic. Local streets are constantly evaluated, but work is concentrated to one of five defined areas each year on a rotating basis. This rotation helps us increase efficiency, maximize available funding and reduce inconvenience to our residents.

View our interactive map to see when maintenance is expected in your area. 

Your street

For local streets, this Council-approved program concentrates work to one of five areas of Town on a rotating basis. View a map of those areas.  

Concentrating this work helps minimize disruption to neighborhoods, increases efficiency and reduces costs. This year, we're working in the north area, which includes Diamond Ridge, Sapphire Pointe, The Terrain and Cobblestone Ranch.

Primary roads

Each year as part of the program, main roads are also addressed. This year, the Town will reconstruct the section of Mikelson Boulevard between Enderud Boulevard and Mitchell Gulch Park in Founders Village.

In addition, the section of Plum Creek Parkway between Wilcox Street and the Douglas County Fairgrounds will be restored, and the dip at the Wilcox and Perry streets intersection will be removed.  


Roadwork generally begins in April/May and is completed by July. More information about specific schedules will be posted on this page soon.