Distribution System Upgrades

Ensuring sound systems
A key performance indicator for Castle Rock Water is the water system integrity. Castle Rock Water quantifies that by monthly calculating the total number of water leaks / breaks and dividing that by the total miles of distribution system piping (more than 380 linear miles of water distribution pipe).Water distribution pipe and appurtenances for rehabilitation based on a history of leaks, increased annual maintenance, and age and condition are identified.  

Pipeline repairs usually involve open-cut trench work in the streets, so residents should be aware of and obey any posted traffic signs. With water system repairs, often utilities staff must shut down part of the water system to relieve pressure and make the work safe for utilities workers. Castle Rock Water will provide notice for planned improvements, and strives to complete repairs as quickly as possible.

Castle North valve repair program
Normal wear-and-tear is expected on most things. This is even true for our water valves. These valves direct and control the flow of water through the system. Over time, these valves corrode and can fail. Proactively replacing valves helps ensure continual water delivery to residents and business owners.

To repair valves, crews dig a 5-6 foot deep hole around each valve, then replace each bolt (about eight to 12 per valve) with new, stainless steel bolts, and finally fully encase the valve in polywrap to help prevent corrosion and future damage.

During 2013, the Town completed the first phase of the program and repaired 36 valves in the Castle North area to prevent valve failure that could damage property or interrupt water service. In 2014, the second phase of this program saw repairs on an additional 36 system valves in the neighborhood.

The third, and final, phase of the Castle North valve repair program was completed in the spring of 2015 at a cost of $160,000. Local contractor T. Lowell Construction repaired 41 hydrant guard valves in the area, and  fully replaced four valves, before Public Works performed scheduled street pavement maintenance in the area. At the completion of the final phase in 2015, all water line valves in the Castle North neighborhood will have been repaired or replaced to ensure system reliability for many years to come.

Program costs
The actual cost of the distribution system upgrades program varies from year-to-year, but $350,000 is budgeted annually.

More information

Residents are advised to contact Castle Rock Water with any concerns or questions by email or call 720-733-6000.