McMurdo Gulch Stream Stabilization

About the project
This project is required to mitigate development impacts to the drainage-way, restore a sustainable channel system for water quality and flood control, and protect the improvements on McMurdo Gulch completed in 2011.

These improvements will reduce channel erosion and protect adjacent property from loss during flooding. Storms in 2012 caused damaged to the newly constructed improvements and repairs are needed to further stabilize the drainage-way. Since that time, the Town has worked together with the engineer and contractor to identify the required repairs and work will begin this summer to address the damaged areas. The total budget for this project is $130,000.

The Town is currently in the process of awarding the construction contract.

Construction schedule
Work began in November 2015 and as of May 2016 the project is substantially complete. Final reclamation is expected within the next 30 days.

View a map of the area.

Residents are advised to email or contact us at 720-733-6000.