Lost and found

Claiming lost property

Call the property and evidence technician, 720-733-6028, for more information on any of the found items listed:

Date General description Case number
July 7, 2017 Two bicycles 17-38757
July 10, 2017  Ring 17-39438
Aug. 7, 2017 Bicycles 17-41871
Aug. 7, 2017 Suitcase w/ ID and clothing 17-43445
Aug. 7, 2017 Key ring with key 17-43811
Aug. 7, 2017 Purse w/ ID 17-43773

Per Town Code 14.04.060 (B), the owner shall provide a written claim to the Police Department for the return of the property within 30 days of the date of the posting of the item on the Internet, or the property shall become the sole property of the Town, and any claim of the owner to such property shall be deemed forfeited.