July 26-29, 2016
Challenge, overcome, persevere, succeed (COPS)

Boys and girls ages 13 to 17 participate in a four-day experience that challenges them both mentally and physically. Attendees participate in a range of outdoor adventure activities that focus on developing teamwork and leadership.

Law enforcement coaches create a positive learning environment utilizing peer encouragement and graduated successes. No experience is necessary. 

The cost is $50.

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Day 1

  • Introductions with students and coaches/safety lecture
  • Team building challenges
  • Introduction to rope work
  • Climbing harness construction
  • Belay skill building drills
  • Belay challenge

Day 2

  • Lecture on compass use and land navigation
  • Rappel skills building
  • Short rappel challenge
  • Long rappel challenge

Day 3

  • Land navigation and geocaching field trip

Day 4

  • Rock Climbing and rappelling field trip
A man propelling off a cliff