As an integral part of the Town of Castle Rock's vision of providing its residents with the highest quality services at the best value, the Stormwater Division manages stormwater runoff to minimize flooding hazards and to protect water quality in our watersheds. Services the Stormwater Division provides include: 

  • Storm sewer system development and maintenance
  • Watershed water quality protection 
  • Pollution prevention, detection and elimination
  • Construction site stormwater runoff control
  • Floodplain management


The Stormwater Division is funded through monthly services charges based on an urbanized footprint calculated for each account. New housing / commercial development is charged a development impact fee to account for downstream system improvements. This fee covers the cost of operation, upgrades, maintenance and improvements to the Town’s storm drainage facilities.

In accordance with Castle Rock Municipal Code, Chapter 13.30, Article 13.30.60, non-single family properties are entitled to appeal for an adjustment to the stormwater utility fee. To request a review of your stormwater monthly service charge, please complete the Request for Administrative Review form. Return form via email or mail it to us at:

Castle Rock Water
ATTN: Stormwater Division
175 Kellogg Court
Castle Rock, CO  80109.

Current projects

Currently, the Stormwater division has several projects underway, specifically for the stabilization of stream banks and the safety of our community. 

Sellars Gulch Bridge Rehabilitation Project

This project is needed to rehabilitate the existing pipe culverts at Plum Creek Parkway and Sellars Gulch to prevent failure of the culverts and ensure adequate stormwater conveyance. Improvements will consist of concrete lining three of the six existing corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts and placement of reinforced concrete paving in the invert of the three remaining culverts. Rehabilitation of the culverts will maximize the overall lifespan of the bridge, while minimizing disruption to the public. Grant funding for the project was obtained through the Colorado Off-System Bridge Program. The total budget for this project is $680,000 (Grant - $544,000, Town Match - $136,000). 

Construction schedule
Construction is scheduled to begin August 2017 and will take approximately four weeks to complete.

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East Plum Creek at South Well Field Project

Castle Rock Water is set to begin stormwater improvements along East Plum Creek (EPC). The work is located within the Town-owned open space southeast of Brookside Circle (across from Medved). This area along EPC has been impacted by storm flows within the channel. Improvements include grade control and bank stabilization, and are required to protect the Town's water supply system in this area. There will be limited, if any, inconvenience to trails and roads.

These improvements are needed to address a severely eroded stream bank immediately adjacent to one of the Town's well heads, and minimize risk of stream degradation over the newly constructed alluvial well horizontal lateral arms. These existing wells are a critical component of the Town's renewable water supply system needed to maintain peak summer water demands. Constructing stormwater improvements that maintain a healthy stream system are an integral part of preserving long-term water supplies for our residents.

Construction schedule
Construction is scheduled to begin the week of March 6, 2017, and is expected to take approximately four months to complete. However, due to Colorado's unpredictable weather, the exact start and completion dates may vary. Generally, construction hours will be from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
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Wolfensberger  Road Culverts at Omni Tributary

The existing corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts at this location, under Wolfensberger Road just west of Red Hawk Drive, are undersized and in poor condition. The Town will be replacing these pipes with a concrete box culvert to alleviate flooding risk for adjacent properties and travelers on Wolfensberger Road. 

Construction schedule
Construction is scheduled for summer of 2017, with completion expected by fall of 2017.

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